Welcome to ACEM 2017

May the Almighty God bless us with happiness and great success.

The Asian Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ACEM) 2017 will be held at Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) in exclusive Resort Area of BICC Hotel, Bali Indonesia from August 28-31, 2017. The ACEM 2017 organizing committee cordially invites you to share your recent research and experience in the development of experimental mechanics and its practical use specialties.

The ACEM is a prestigious international conference held by the Asian Society of Experimental Mechanics (ASEM). The 1st ACEM was held on December 28th, 2002 at Taipei in Taiwan. Since that time, many scientists, engineers, scholars and industries from many regions in Asian countries have involved in the ACEM.

The ACEM 2017 is the 16th conference. In 2017, the Indonesia Society for Experimental Mechanics as a sub-organization of the Indonesian Physical Society will host this meeting for ASEM. This conference is open to international experts from academic institutions and industrial companies. It is strongly encouraged to all participants giving contribution in research and development, interdisciplinary application and active promotion of experimental methods. In this conference, events regarding social gathering and art-techno-science entertainment are also being planned for all participants to promote Asian cultures.

Experimental Mechanics is a gateway to understanding the behavior of materials, structures, and systems. Further, Experimental Mechanics provides the physics understanding and verification of analytical, computational and experimental approaches to the development of engineering and technology solutions. The ACEM 2017 conference welcomes research-based articles in all areas of Experimental Mechanics. Articles discussing emerging technologies in nano-particle, imaging, drugs mechanism, functional materials and biotechnology are also welcomed.

Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) resort is a foot-shaped of Bali island. The name of Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) comes from the two small islands in the east part of the resort. The enclave is an ideal place for family gathering and vocations since there are many temples, museums, attractions and shopping center. Nusa Dua is an exclusive tourist destination that managed by the International Tourism Development Centre (ITDC). There are world-class hotels complex and an up-market shopping complex with well-maintained facilities, golf course, white-golden sandy beaches and entertaining complex.

The ACEM 2017 organizing committee enthusiastically greeting you to the ACEM 2017 in Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) Resort of Bali, Indonesia from August 28-31, 2017. We hope all of you will enjoy the conference and have valuable discussions in Experimental Mechanics.

Thank you.