Main Topic

The topics of the conference are including but not limited to:

A. Stress, Strain and Deformation
A.1. MEMS, Transducers, Sensors, Strain Gage Technology
A.2. Thermoelasticity, Thermoelastic, Stress Analysis and Infrared Imaging
A.3. Advances and Applications


B. Dynamics and Impact
B.1. Advanced testing methods and diagnostics
B.2. Mechanics of vibration
B.3. Flaw detection based on vibration analysis
B.4. Crashworthiness of materials and structures
B.5. Low and high speed impact problems
B.6. Material and structure at high strain rates
B.7. Blast impact and explosion
B.8. Advances and Application


C. Damage, Fatigue and Fracture
C.1. Damage assessment
C.2. Fatigue and Fracture
C.3. Thermal Problem and Creep
C.4. Probabilistic Fatigue and Fracture
C.5. Advances and Application


D. Advanced Materials
D.1. Crystallography
D.2. Thin Film
D.3. Nano-Composite
D.4. Novel Composite from Natural and Recycled Materials
D.5. Polymer and Composite
D.6. Time dependent materials
D.7. Biomaterials
D.8. Biomechanics
D.9. Biologically inspired materials
D.10. Smart materials and structure
D.11. Shape Memory Alloys
D.12. Adhesive


E. Reliability in Material and Structures, and Conditional Monitoring Techniques
E.1. Structural Testing
E.2. Mechanical System Reliability
E.3. Prognostics and Health Management
E.4. Weld and Joint
E.5. Vibration based condition monitoring
E.6. Structural integrity and health monitoring
E.7. Smart monitoring system
E.8. Electronic Packaging
E.9. Probabilistic model


F. Non-destructive Measurement, Testing & Inspection
F.1. Conventional Non-destructive Measurement, Testing and Inspection
F.2. Advanced and Improved Non-destructive Measurement, Testing and Inspection
F.3. Non-contact measurement and inspection
F.4. 2D/3D Profile and Shape Measurement
F.5. In-situ measurement, testing and inspection
F.6. Quantitative Evaluation and Analysis
F.7. Advances and Application


G. Optical Metrology, Measurement Techniques and Their Application
G.1. Photoelasticity
G.2. Spectroscopy
G.3. Interferometry and Diffraction Technique
G.4. Speckle Interferometry & Moire and Grid based Test Methods
G.5. Digital Image Correlation
G.6. Digital Tomography
G.7. 3D Image Reconstruction
G.8. Micro/Nano Metrology and Testing
G.9. Digital Holography
G.10. Advances and applications