Visa Information


There is a visa [exemption agreement] among these 'ASEAN Plus Three' countries. They are 10 nations of ASEAN members (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, and the "three countries" including China, Japan and South Korea. This is important in order to boost the regional tourism sectors. ASEAN nationals should be allowed to enter any member country without visas for a minimum stay of 14 days.

Further information for visa exemption among ASEAN members, please here.

For other countries, please use Business visa type. the visas are for people visiting Indonesia for normal business activities (including attending a conference/seminar) which do not involve taking up employment or receiving any payments whilst in Indonesia. For detail information, please contact the embassy in your home country.

For those who will travel directly to Bali, Indonesia, there is a very convenience entry and departure visa policy, which allows visitors to stay Bali.
Please, check the visa information procedure in Immigration (